Carpet Floor Installation

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Because carpet is a key decorative element in the home, and is a major purchase, you must keep several factors in mind in the selection process. This informative web page was created to help you make a selection that best suits your home and your budget.

Before purchasing carpet, you need to answer the following questions:

Types of Carpet

Textured Carpet Example

Textured Saxonies

The most casual and rugged of the pile cut carpets. This carpet is made from tightly twisted yarn, which curls back on itself, creating a distinctive nubby or pebbled texture. This surface works well in high-traffic areas and shows less shading and foot tracks. Textured Saxonies have a level-cut pile of more than one half inch. They are not as dense as Saxony, and are suitable for informal settings.

Saxonies or Plushes

This popular cut pile easily adapts to a wide range of decors. Saxonies are not as formal as velvets, but they’re easier to live with. The yarn, which is thick and long, is twisted and heat set for a durable yet extremely attractive carpet. The yarn tufts are closely packed, presenting a smooth, luxurious surface. Their dense, level-cut pile is one half inch or less. Saxonies and plushes are suitable for formal settings.
Plush Carpet Example Image
Frieze Carpet Example

Frieze, Trackless

These low-maintenance carpets have tightly curled or twisted tufts, creating a dense, pebbly surface. They actually break up patterns left by footprints, while hiding marks and tracked-in dirt. They work well for high-traffic areas and are suitable for less formal décors.


Berbers are loop carpets available in one surface level or in patterns. The varying height of the loops create a wide range of styles. Some look like a carved pattern, while others offer a more random effect. Many homeowners use Berber as part of their Southwestern style. Berbers go well with Satillo tile, hide footprints, and are easy to clean and maintain.
Berber Carpet Example
Level Loops Example

Level Loops

The answer for long-lasting carpet in high-traffic areas. The uncut loops of equal length create a level surface that’s durable, tasteful, and appealing. The way each loop looks and the way light reflects from the surface give level loop carpets a charming appeal that blends in well with any décor. They’re suitable for high-traffic areas and informal settings.

Cut Sculpture

Cut Sculpture yarn carpet is tufted into islands of high cut tufts and lower loop tufts to form and endless variety of shaded, sculptured patterns. In solid colors, their subtle shading creates a unique style of multi-toned beauty. Suitable for informal settings.

Carpet Quality

The quality of carpeting is basically split into three categories:


Typically, the most important elements in a carpet purchase will be those factors involving look and feel – this includes things like color, style and texture. Because it is soft underfoot, carpet ‘feels good’. A wide range of colors, textures, patterns and styles offer styling versatility, so anyone can achieve their desired look.


Carpet has a number of practical benefits including insulation and noise level reduction. By installing the right carpet in the right area, it will stand up to household traffic and reasonably retain its initial appearance. How carpet performs after it has been installed depends upon many factors, including the area and activity level. The fibres used, the yarn and carpet construction, installation, and quality of maintenance also influence carpet performance.


When compared to other floor coverings, carpet is very affordable. Carpet can satisfy the full range of tastes and budgets from simple to luxurious and will offer a vast range of styling and pricing options for everyone’s needs.